Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Morning Storm Status.

Well it's Tuesday morning here in WV's eastern panhandle. The power is still on, the wind is calm, and the rain is just a cold drizzle. This is not at all what we were expecting, but I'm not complaining at all. The area to my southwest got pounded with heavy snow but we did not get that up here. Meanwhile, the DC area got flooded like crazy but we here missed that, too. Half a million people in and around DC are without power today and the Potomac River is still rising, promising the worst flooding in 16 years when it peaks later today. But here on this side of the Blue Ridge, I didn't even get any basement flooding, proving again that the $400 I spent to have the back of my house re-graded to direct water away from the house instead of towards it like it was when I bought the place was the best money I ever spent. Likewise, the time spent this past week-end clearing and improving the drainage ditch and cleaning out the gutters paid off in spades.

In sum, life's good here. I'm thankful. I've just got a ton of leaves to pick up when the rain stops.

How'd the rest of you in the storm's path fare?


  1. Good here. Haven't even run out of wine yet. And the new rain garden st the MCC HELD!!!

  2. No damage here, power was dropping occasionally but when the wind died at 0400, pretty much nothing...

  3. Even with the good preparations, its good nothing happened.

  4. PRAISE GOD! We've been thinking about you & were just about to phone or email. Now for the IMPORTANT question: How is Murphy????

  5. Murphy is as annoying as usual. No change there. I'll tell him that you said hello.

  6. @ WSF: I didn't go out there today, but I didn't get any phone calls about it so I'm assuming that it's still right-side up. We really didn't get much in the way of bad winds, much to my surprise.

  7. No electricity (therefore no internet connection) for approximately 24 hours (maybe one of these years I shall break down and buy a generator).

    Cell phone service inoperative.

    Tree fell down on wife's car, leaving big dent in roof. Removed all that I could, but unable to get professional arborist, what with all of the other downed trees in the area (including many blocking the local streets).

    Many traffic lights on main roads inoperative, ergo, lots of traffic jams.

    Long lines at gas stations (I took the precaution of tanking up before storm hit).

    Wife is out of town away from it all (never mind her damaged vehicle), but her return trip plans for tomorrow appear to be very seriously in doubt.

    My own travel plans were scrubbed, at least for now.

    Otherwise, all is well here on Long Island.

  8. I was not in the path. Glad you, NFO, PH all all of the others that are way to far north for my taste are ok though!