Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AA Battery 1, Drone 0 in Pennsylvania

A hunt club wants to engage in pigeon hunting. Pigeon hunting is legal in PA. A leftist "Animal rights" group harasses the hunters, so the hunters move their shooting to the most remote part of their property. So what to the leftists do? Do they ignore the people doing what they are legally allowed to do on their own property, respecting the rights and freedoms of others? Of course not...they're liberals. They buy a remote-controlled, camera-mounted helicopter drone and put it over the club in an attempt to continue to harass the shooters and disrupt their shoots and also to make videos of the hunters which they intend to post to Youtube and other internet media.

It's not hard to figure out what happens next. If you bother people with guns by flying remote-controlled helicopters over their heads on their own land, you pretty much have to expect that your nuisance toy is going to get shot down.

I think that it's funnier than hell and congratulate the marksmen of the hunt club. It's just a shame that the remote-controlled pest was able to be recovered and not a total write-off. and of course the liberals state that they intend to keep the harassment going until the shoots are stopped.

That right there is the difference between conservatives and liberals, folks. If a conservative doesn't approve of an otherwise legal activity, he or she doesn't participate in it. If a liberal doesn't approve of an otherwise legal activity, he or she will do whatever they can to ensure that no one else can participate in it.

Hey club guys, next time, I'm willing to join you with my M60. I'd love to try my hand at full-auto skeet shooting.


  1. Idiots!

    I love how he keeps saying spy like what he is doing is ok.

  2. Unbelievable, but then their 'righteous indignation' trumps law apparently... sigh

  3. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes"!

  4. Since I'm not a wing shooter, have to ask questions. For drones, do you need a 16 Ga? What choke? Pellet size?

    Can the control channels be hacked? Brought down on private property the moonbats would have a hard time recovering an expensive piece of gear.

    How about a cheap two channel plane crashing into the expensive drone? Or just buzzing the drone operator.
    Lots of fun things to do.

  5. LOL That was awesome!!! I also love the irony of a group dedicated to "respecting animals" is named after an apex predator. Or was it intentional....sharks do attack humans.

    "Hunters have gone into hiding"...heck, I'm not a hunter, but seems to me the best place to find the wild critters is not to stand in the middle of the suburbs, but rather out in the middle of nowhere. Dang, there is so much wrong with this Shark guy, I dunno if one faceplam will suffice...

  6. "faceplam": for something so stupid that a standard "facepalm" is simply not enough

  7. I don't know I can make the shot, but I think .30-06 ought to take it down.

    Or 10 Ga. Only seen one once - for when 12 Ga. just isn't big enough.

  8. Heh heh. I do love a happy ending! I wonder what drone tastes like. Chicken? Maybe that's just the operators.

  9. Long time ago this guy named Karamojo Bell (yes THE WDM Bell of Africa) was down by a like potting birds while lying on his back. The birds were about 100 yards up in the air. Some old Brits notice the shooting, seems he connected about every other shot, and they asked him what kind of shotgun he was using.

    Bell showed them his 6.5mm Manlincher rifle! Seems he had a case of bad ammo that would misfire now and then (a bad thing when hunting elephants) and he used up the ammo on the birds!

    So yes, one shot can take down a drone, if you have a sharp eye and good gun.

  10. Someone needs to keep a bolo round within reach next time. That should do the trick more permanently.

  11. Barrage Balloons! That's what the club needs!