Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Well that didn't take long

Being rather computer-illiterate and not up on things techy, I tend to shy away from most social media stuff. I don't (and won't) have Facebook or any of that other stuff, but I did actually break out of my shell a bit this morning and get a Twitter account for the first time, basically so I could play along in the unfolding drama of Michigan's Right-to-work legislation as hosted by a couple of area news services.

53 tweets later (and with my first follower already), my account was abruptly suspended without warning or explanation. Oh well...

Thing is, I'm not sure why it was suspended. Other than using the term "union thugs" a lot, I was civil and nice (if not bitingly sarcastic) and while I was guilty of mocking and gloating as the union thugs and their supporters grew angrier, I'm not seeing anything that warranted a ban in my humble tweet stream.

Oh wait. I responded to former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm not once but twice as she tweeted about today's events. The first time, she stated that she could not believe that Michigan's legislature had done this or some such, and I publicly replied by asking her what she expected after she single-handedly ruined Michigan's great post-Engler economy.

She posted again later and said that she was shocked that "her beloved state" had done this thing, and again I publicly replied, asking her how was it "her state" when she came from California and fled again once out of office. (She currently resides elsewhere and has no ties to the state.)

Within sixty seconds of my second reply to her, my account was suspended.

WTF? Does Twitter have a policy against reminding failed ex-governors about their record? I'm at a loss to understand this and would hope that someone can explain.


I'm currently waiting for a reply from Twitter in response to my "OK, what did I do that got you so cheesed..." e-mail. Frankly I doubt that I'll bother using it again if it's restored, though. The noise-to-signal ratio was pretty high and most of the comments posted seem to be one twit re-posting something that anther twit just said. Can't say as I get the point of that.

Anyway, that's my tale for the day. At least I had fun. And the Right-to-work bills all got passed.

Hee. Suck on that, union thugs.


  1. To be fair, Gov. Engler left Michigan after he left office. But he was Michigan born and raised and educated (Michigan State and Cooley Law - I know you'll appreciate that last one Murph!)

    Even after he left office, he did actual productive work instead of going off to be a figurehead at some leftist university while launching her TV career. Sheesh!

  2. And when John Engler comes back and starts dipping into Michigan politics and publicly saying "I can't believe that my beloved state would do something like this..." than I'll call him out on it, too.

  3. Your such a trouble maker.

  4. Yeah, so?

    I gotta be me.

  5. On the presumption that your account will be un-suspended, what is your Twitter handle?

  6. @ Bob: It WAS "FlyingLaw" but none of my comments are visible any more.

  7. Dunno, don't have a tweet/twitter/whatever account... :-)

  8. Funny, I joined Twitter yesterday too, only so some tap dancing vampire couldn't steal it. Although I do find it to limited.

  9. Anonymous8:16 PM

    The leftist trolls whom have nothing better to do will watch for posts they do not like or agree with...They will then 'whimperwhinecomplain' about someone hurting their widdle feeling and get you banned, suspended etc. Today I was blocked on Facebook for a comment I left about a picture of ObumWah with his feet on the desk in the Oval Office!
    Something to the effect of
    'get your damn feet off of the People's desk you towel head'
    I was therefore blocked and told if I did such anymore I would be 'banned' BFD I say...life was fine before social media and life will be afterwards...Allows me to spend more time at the reloading bench rebuilding my stock..