Tuesday, January 08, 2013

How ready are you?

There's talk out there of revolution, of pending civil war and insurrection if Obama and his leftist posse try to grab our guns. That talk comes from a lot of people, and some of it is heartfelt and serious indeed.

That notwithstanding, Obama and his gun-hating supporters, the ones who backed him in the first election, got nothing from him, backed him again and then patiently waited for something like the Connecticut murders to happen so they could attack the rest of us, these people are not being deterred. They and their sycophants can hear the drumbeat as clearly as I can or anyone else who is listening, so the obvious conclusion is that they've decided to ignore it; they either believe that no one will stand in opposition to their abrogating our Second Amendment rights or else they think that they'll win the coming fight easily, either by imprisoning or killing those Americans who believe that the rights recognized by our nation's founders and enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights still belong to us today.

The storm clouds do appear to be gathering on the horizon. Whether they'll materialize here and erupt into a storm or not I cannot say. However, when a neighbor asked me just a short time ago if I was buying more ammunition for that possibility, I told him that no, I was not.

Ammo I have. What I'm spending my money on now is a new treadmill and some free weights, and I've renewed my gym membership. Any sloppy sad sack can pull a trigger, but the battle, if it comes, is going to go to the side with the most shooters who can fire and maneuver, engage and fall back, and keep going until they are well past being exhausted.

I'm not in bad shape for my age, but I've been in better shape. Now I'm serious about getting back to that peak again. You might want to assess your capabilities too if you take your rights seriously. I can't predict right now but it very well could come down to that. If it does, are you willing to accept defeat just because victory or even a brokered peace was too hard to reach for? What kind of physical shape are you in today, and if it's not the best shape you've ever been in, what are you doing about it?

Just some food for thought. For academic discussion only, of course.


  1. I'm totally helpless and unarmed. They'd better attack your house first... ;^)

    "However", unarmed has different meanings to different people. A claw hammer -- 1500 years ago was a "war hammer". Just sharpen the claws. A tomahawk is a tomahawk. People always underestimate the effectiveness of an axe. Crossbows are silent and will cut through modern body armor like a hot knife though butter. I can make a chain flail from components purchased at Home Depot in about ten minutes and they are every bit as deadly as axes.

    No arrows? There is always the sling. Goliath learned to his demise, that they are very effective at the hands of one who practices. So much for the champion of the Philistines and all of his weapons.

    Moving back to firearms. The only thing that banning them will do is to create an underground supply of them. The US has done such a good job of eliminating illegal drugs from our society that I'm sure that they'll be just as effective at eliminating firearms. Now the Mexicans (whose legislation forbids most firearms) can smuggle guns north too - call it a rebate from Operation Fast and Furious.

    But since I am a man of peace who nearly worships unicorns, butterflies and rainbows -- they need not worry about me.

    1. Thus, the rationale for strict gun control evaporates.

  2. @ LL: Yeah, I just got rid of all of my modern firearms, too. But I kept a few bolt-actions in reserve because, well...like a hero once said: The twenty-first century is when everything changes, and you've got to be ready.

  3. I've got two bad knees, my hips aren't what they used to be, and I'm somewhat overweight.

    I've never owned any firearm suitable for combat, and wouldn't work out trying to be a good squad member if TSHTF.

    I'll stay in the rear with the gear, and manage the comms.

    And train people.

    And help the armorer.

    And I can cook.

    Combat? Not in my wildest fantasy....

  4. Excellent point... And I'm with you and LL...

  5. Sheriff Joe, in spite of his less than stellar reputation as a news hound, may actually have a workable solution to the mass killings issue that does not involve additional gun control - armed and trained but otherwise volunteer guards at schools. If such events can be minimized, the press will look elsewhere for "news" and the calls for additional gun controls will dissipate.

  6. It is always good to be in better shape.
    We used to joke about running in the military and say we will never outrun a bullet.

  7. Good point. I'm kinda in the same boat as drjim, though.

  8. Well said ML. After the holiday I find myself carrying a little more adipose tissue than I like. Time to shed those pounds. Luckily I have a new remodel project starting and that work always helps melt off the dunlap fat.

  9. These are the "Idiots who say its physicall impossible to find 15 million illegal aliens" and think they are going to find and confiscate
    300 million guns!

  10. Well skippie can try but he can also be impeached for violating the Constitution (not unlike Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.) See when Prohibition came there as no right to booze, but there sure are RIGHTS TO GUNS in the Constitution.

    As for me physically, well I'm not in the greatest shape but not bad either. But you see if you want to win any kind of war with the U.S. government you have to think long term. I mean REAL long term. Millions of North Vietnamese knew that. Heck Afghanistans know that.

    Think long term and realize your best weapons are words.

  11. Re: not finding guns because they can't find illegal aliens.

    None of those folks have filed paperwork declaring their illegal entry or continued residence. However, we gun owners have filed forms 4473, and various other state paperwork in order to have our rifles and handguns. So they know where to come for us.

    I'm not saying it will happen, but they already have a leg up if they decide to do it.

  12. One thing we will need if the unthinkable does come to pass is leaders and organization. And ways to deal with the superior equipment of national guard and police.I wonder if there's anything we could learn from the israelies?

  13. I and mine are prepared to do what is needed. With cute puppies in tow. No lib can resist a cute puppy.

    Except the cat people. I'll have to work on that.