Monday, January 07, 2013

Sometimes a messy basement is a good thing.

Just before events in Connecticut gave Democrats the excuse they'd been waiting for to launch another war on our guns and our rights, I went to visit a fellow blogger. Being a nice guy, I offered to stop at a store along the way that sold primers at a decent price and pick him a batch up. He gave me a shopping list, and since I was going there, I went through my primer storage box and made a list of my own based on what I appeared to be getting low on. I got his stuff, and I got several boxes of my own, figuring that I'd be set for a while. So imagine my surprise when, a few days later, I was moving stuff around in my ridiculously cluttered basement when I came across a shopping bag from that same gun shop tucked away inside a bin full of other stuff. Looking inside, I found several more boxes of primers, almost a duplicate order of what I'd just bought, and a receipt dated four months earlier. Apparently I'd bought primers but neglected to put them where they were supposed to go and forgotten about them. Fast-forward to December, noting the "shortage", I bought another large order before finding the first batch. Now I have about twice what I need in every size.

I should have been rightly pissed, but looking at primer prices and availability now, I'm happy that I screwed up in this fortuitous fashion. No matter what happens politically, there will be primer shortages here for quite a while.

Smoke that, neat-freaks. Sometimes it pays to be disorganized.


  1. Thank goodness for getting older and becoming forgetful!

  2. LOL, who knows what ELSE is in that basement... :-) And that's good news!

  3. Heh-heh.

    In a similar vein, I came across a partial 3# canister of discontinued WW/Olin shotshell propellant in the garage last night, originally designed for heavy 12 ga loads.

    While I've no intention of reloading any duck/goose loads, a wee bit of internet research revealed & corroborated that it would be a pretty decent choice under a 200 gr .452 LSWC. Besides, it'll go a lot farther in that application than the one for which it was originally intended.

    America's Test Kitchen - Reloading Edition: I think I'll cobble up a couple of magazines full to test next weekend.

  4. I never do that with anything interesting
    Just things like frozen lima beans.

  5. I'm stocked fine. I headed the warnings when Bill 'red dress' Clinton and Janet 'baby killer' Reno were in power.

    One heck of alot of people just kept partying along!

  6. Being "Right" for the wrong reason is my motto for life. Glad it worked out for you.

  7. Yeah, I do that every once in a while, but its usually a tool or something.

    Good on you!

  8. BTDT, but with radio parts and other stuff.