Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Making the most of it.

About a foot of snow now, and still coming down. I put Murphy out in his pen once, and as soon as he set to his "dog business", a huge clump of snow dislodged from the branches above dropped down on him and he came running back to the door, having had quite enough of that.

Being effectively isolated here, I decided to do something that I haven't done quite enough of in a while: I started cleaning the house. I actually found all my lost silverware in the process; it was under the dishes in the sink. Now it's all in the dishwasher. I'm even contemplating running the vacuum, but I'm not so sure that I feel like fighting that battle, what with Murphy penned up inside with me. But I did find some glass cleaner, and I'll probably take a shot at the inside of the windows today.

Man, I really need a woman here to do this sort of stuff, ideally in high heels.

In world news, it seems that with Hugo Chavez dead, Michael Moore and Sean Penn are eulogizing him and telling us all how much they miss him. Is it wrong for me to wish that they're reunited with him soon?


  1. Dude I rent one. She comes around bi weekly and picks up the big stuff.

  2. Anonymous1:21 PM

    While we're at it, can we add that rat-b@$tard Kennedy Congresscritter that's always espousing the virtues of Citgo and Chavez to the list?


  3. I do believe that Michael Moore and Sean Penn will one day be given their long overdue rewards when they join Hugo Chavez, who is no doubt being given his.

    Until that happens, however, I do believe that it is quite appropriate to point out that Chavez's eulogizers such as Penn and Moore and Oliver Stone have all specifically mentioned in their eulogies that Chavez was a champion of the poor people.

    Perhaps it would be a fitting tribute to Chavez if Penn, Moore and Stone would give up all of their own wealth to Chavez's favored objects of charity.

    Or would the loss of their pampered creature comforts make them too uncomfortable?

  4. @ Owl: It's worth noting that for all of his alleged devotion to "the poor", Chavez himself seems to have amassed a personal fortune of over two billion dollars. How many of the poor could have been helped with that? And how many of them would not have been poor but for Chavez' diversion of that wealth into his own coffers?

  5. +1 on EO... sigh...