Wednesday, March 06, 2013

We got snow.

In March. In West Virginia.
8 inches easy, and still coming.

Murphy has no problem digging and rolling around in this stuff like a pup. As for me, the stove is lit and it's a good day to spend with a book or two. And beer.

Stay safe out there in the world, because ain't no way we can get to ya today.


  1. It's starting to spit snow here, still raining...

  2. Fresh snow is always pretty, like new babies. ... You can finish the thought.

  3. If your tree limbs get too heavy a load, my sister uses her 20 ga with pheasant loads. Just don't hit the roof! Knock the snow off very nicely.

  4. I'm jealous. I'm required to telework even with the gummit closed.

  5. The storm swung south of us here in WI. All we had yesterday was enough sky dandruf to make the roads greasy.

    Enjoy the quiet. Sorry the drive is a bit long to lend you our snow blower. Maybe you can take the approach that Oklahoma has "God put it there, and He can take it away." Hope it melts soon for you.

  6. Anonymous1:08 AM

    In my corner of Indiana we only had two inches of snow