Thursday, May 09, 2013

Stupid criminal is shocked as he gets charged.

OK, there are just too many jokes that await your best efforts for me not to post about this Darwin Award winner from Thurmond, WV (Down in the really stupid part of the state...and tat's saying something!) who shot down a power cable to steal it and then electrocuted himself when he tried to pick it up.

W. Va. Man Electrocuted After Shooting Down Power Line To Steal Copper

I'll be chuckling over this one for a few days. Any comments from the peanut gallery on this?


  1. Shocking - simply shocking!!!

  2. Now that is poetic justice. Thank you for pointing that one out. What a laugh. Definitely a front runner for first prize in the Darwin awards for 2013.

    Not only was he stupid enough to pull this off but he had a freakin' accomplice stupid enough to let him do it.

    Just goes to show that IQ ain't cumulative - The IQ of all idiots involved in a crime is a constant.

  3. "I'm shocked, shocked...!"


  4. OK, when ya hot - ya hot!

    - DF Jerry Reed

    He became well grounded in the fundamentals of electricity.

    - DF Antonio Volta

    That man was a great conductor!

    - DF J. P. Sousa

    Was he down on copperline?

    - DF Jas. Taylor

    He always had that creative spark.

    - DF T. A. Edison

    Apparently, the man was trying to brush up on current affairs.

    - DF Tom Brokaw

    Should've gone wireless!

    - DF Verizon

    After a hard day of shooting down power cables, recharge with an AMP energy drink!

    Watt happened?

    Joule fool.

    Wonder what the daily bag limit is on AWG 4/0?

  5. Heck, this is addictive...

    Vell, it zeems his resistance vas short-lived.

    - DF Georg Ohm

  6. Anonymous4:51 PM

    That beat the guy who used a .22 cartridge as an automotive fuse, and shot himself in the testicle.

    But not by much.


  7. Under the circumstances, the DA declined to press additional charges.

  8. Just a little bleach in the gene pool....

  9. Anonymous6:28 PM

    The Darwin Awards just keep coming.
    Bet he was a Obama voter and had an Obama phone

  10. Yup, lot of "potential" for jokes on this one! Watt's a guy gotta do to get some good copper around here?

    I'll get me hat.

  11. Only way that could get better was if the accomplice was holding the dead guy's beer ...


  12. This may have not been the primary Congressional intent behind the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 [ ], but electrolyzing this guy out of the gene pool is certainly a welcome side benefit.

  13. Got what he deserved??? "I" think so...

  14. He was a bright light in his community. For a few milliseconds anyway.

    He was Edison's 1001st failed attempt at inventing the light bulb filament. Apparently stupid conducts electricity a little too well.