Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dog Day Afternoon

Such a dreary day. But at least the rain has stopped.
Nothing to do but lay out on the deck, with visions of BBQ-sauce-slathered UPS men dancing in Murphy's head.
Not much going on today, but thanks for stopping by. Send cookies!


  1. I do need to send more cookies.

    Enjoy, Bayou Renessaince Man, Wing and a Wind and Zercool coming for a visit through this weekend. Busy busy.

  2. LOL, poor puppy...

  3. Found a M-715, it is a one that was used by a fire department for wildland fires and then bought by a individual.
    It might be for sale, not sure.
    Fair shape, not great but not that bad.
    I can send you the info but I cannot find a email address on this site.
    If you are still interested, could you get in touch with me?

  4. @ jon: Sure. Send me the info/your contact info via another comment. I won't post it publicly. Much thanks!

  5. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Does Murphy want UPS man shaped cookies?

  6. That's one sad puppy ...

  7. @ Wilson: Oh, no. He's content. Just bored.