Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Man Movie

OK, we're stepping out of the Western/war movie genre to recognize another great guy movie...Hooper (1978), with Burt Reynolds and lots of other then-young but recognizable stars. Can you name them as they appear here?

1. The guy Reynolds is talking to in the bar: Brian Keith
2. The young man joining Reynolds in the fight: Jan Michael-Vincent
3. SWAT guy in striped shirt: Terry Bradshaw
4. The big bald SWAT guy: Robert Tessier.
5. Gal in the bar trying to eat: Sally Fields
6. Guy stepping out the barroom window at the end: James Best

And in the end of the movie, they shoot an epic stunt scene with real stunt men, real vehicles, and real collapsing/exploding stuff, all done real-time in ONE TAKE with no computer CGI.


Brought to you by the time when movies used to be fun, both to watch and to make.


  1. Yep, and they actually paid attention to details, cause it COULD NOT get fixed in post... :-)

  2. I once heard Burt Reynolds say that he and Hal Needham had started a movie stunt company called "Cunning Stunts". Depending on who was around, you'd need to make sure of your pronunciation of that one.

  3. Article in this months Playboy about the birth of "Redneck Cinema" It mentions this movie that was considered a "Meh" but was successful. Yeah I DO read the articles from the left wing mag.

    For me? The original Gone in Sixty Seconds is the bomb. They did not have approval to film from the City and went for it. Oh, the 1971 Mach I is just icing on the cake for me! There is one of those heavy lumbering things in the garage here.

  4. Bert was just OK in Deliverence, but I really enjoyed him in the "original/1974" make of "The Longest Yard".

  5. Keads,

    I had me a metallic blue 71 Mach I with a 351 Cleveland engine. Bought it brandy new after wife #1 took off with a NY wise-guy. Figured I hadda treat myself to celebrate the fact his boys didn't grease me.

    The S.O.B. Looked Awesome and sounded like a herd of B-25's half-way down a short runway, but it couldn't get out of its own way and fell apart in a couple of years to boot. Haven't owned a Ford since.

  6. @Toejam,

    Got one my Father bought new. Runs great!