Monday, June 03, 2013

Raffle for fallen police officer. Read this and give.

In Kentucky, a police officer was savagely murdered this past week, apparently ambushed and shot due to his work as a drug interdiction officer. He left behind a wife, two children, and his K9 partner.

Heartbreaking moment K9 partner of officer gunned down in the line of duty gives his final goodbye

It's not supposed to happen like that. Not in America.

Well Officer Ellis' peers are turning over rocks looking for the cowardly killers. A reward fund for information is growing exponentially, and I have to believe that there will be arrests in this case eventually, hopefully followed by a fair trial and executions. But in the meantime, there's still a family out there in need of support.

Keads brings us news of a raffle designed to help raise money for the family. Go here and give money for a chance at a gun, proceeds going to Officer Ellis' memorial fund. I'm already in. How about you?


  1. We're in but we'd have given anyway. Another good man gone. We can't afford to lose even one.