Saturday, June 01, 2013

Saturday Man Movie

How to teach a kid to swim, John Wayne style.

Movie: Hondo. 1953.


  1. Gun show weekend here, houseful of people arriving in an hour or so, large batch of home made croissants ready to go in the oven.

    After Brazilian Steak House tonight, a movie might be in order as no one will be able to move!

    Good suggestion!

  2. I could swim from an early age, so when it came to the swim qualification in basic I didn't have a problem.

    Some dudes couldn't and this scene is a great example of how they learned.

    The D.I.'s carried long sticks. After they booted the reluctant swimmers into the deep end they bashed their hands with those sticks when they tried to grab onto the side of the pool.

    Wasn't too long before they were all paddling around to the delightful sound of the Senior D.I. shouting: "That's well, people!"

  3. Anonymous10:11 AM

    And when I saw your first line, I thought of 'The Swimmer'...



  4. @Brigid: Sounds tasty, but I now have this mental image of a cow that's been painfully waxed before being turned into dinner. Ouch!

    I pretty much taught myself how to swim by watching others. Was a lifeguard at Boy Scout summer camp, taught the Lifesaving merit badge. When I went through boot, they had us jump off a diving board and then float for 5 minutes. Heh. I used a lifeguard technique and hit the water without my head going under, then dozed as I floated.

  5. That's how I learned to swim. It was my dad's boss that did it. Can you imagine it today? Threw me in the deep end of an Olympic sized pool. Figured I knew how to swim, just that I didn't know I knew.

  6. My uncle taught me to swim the same way, but it was upstate New York, so the accents were a little different.

  7. Anonymous1:05 AM

    I learned the same way by being tossed into the Wabash River near Merom,In