Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This sort of thing really frosts me.

Elitist Liberal Professor and Left-Wing Activist makes a Federal Case over her DUI Arrest.

OK, here we go.

Dorothy Hoogland Verkerk, an art history professor at the University of North Carolina, got nailed for DUI in May of 2011 when a firefighter spotted her apparently in distress behind the wheel of her car and checked on her. Realizing that she was drunk, he told her not to drive but either because she feared the consequences of the police arriving or because she believes that she's better and smarter than everyone else, she sped away from him. He called the police, who subsequently located her and arrested her for driving while drunk as a rock ape.
According to court documents, Shatley was on his way to a fire scene the night of May 27, 2011, when he saw Verkerk’s Mercedes stopped in an intersection. He noticed that the headlights were off and that the interior and auxiliary lights were lit and that the driver’s side window was partially opened despite a pouring rain. Shatley continued to his destination where he was no longer needed, and headed back to the firehouse.
On the way back, Shatley claims he pulled up behind Verkerk’s car as she was driving with a hazard light on and was weaving while driving much slower than the speed limit. Shatley told the driver of the firetruck to turn on the lights and siren to prevent other cars from passing.
Verkerk’s car then swerved to the right and hit the curb before coming to a stop, according to the documents.
Shatley hopped out of the fire truck and approached her car to see if she was ok. He did not ask if she was drunk but did urge her to park her car and have someone pick her up, according to documents. She told Shatley that she would, but then drove off. She was picked up by Chapel Hill Police 10 minutes later and charged with driving while impaired and had her license taken away.

Now most people would just accept that they'd screwed up and let it go. But not Dorothy Hoogland Verkerk. No way. It apparently doesn't matter to her that she drove drunk and endangered everyone else on the road that night, or that her conduct broke the laws of her community and much of America. Nope. Three years later she's still working on a lawsuit designed to attack those responsible for her arrest--herself excluded, naturally--and she's wasted a considerable amount of the courts' time and taxpayers' money in the process.

This is the difference between Liberals and Americans, folks. Americans have an inbred sense of Honor and Integrity and Americans stand up and accept responsibility for their actions. It's what John Wayne would have done. But Liberals? Nope. They lie, they run away, they slander those who dare point our their wrongs, and when all else fails, they sue everyone in sight.

And this is why I hate Liberals and would only brake if one walked in front of my car out of concern for how much damage my vehicle would sustain.

This cow's case needs to be tossed out of court ASAP and she and her lawyer need to be fined the cost of dealing with it. Then she needs to be run out of both the university and the town. But as leftist as Chapel Hill is, that's not going to happen. It could only happen in America, and Chapel Hill, like Berkeley, Boulder and Ann Arbor, is far to liberal to ever be mistaken for a legitimate part of America.


  1. Ah yes, the academic elite.

    Yeah, right.

  2. A special snowflake, no doubt.

  3. I knew far too many of these people in College.

    Now I've grown up, and they've merely gotten older......

  4. I happen to have known Dorothy, but only as a former neighbor. Hubby, 3 kids and a nice house. The all American Liberal family. I figure she's approaching her late 50's now.

    I did a short stint in Chapel Hill way back about 13 years ago. (NO not at the university). had a job with the State.

    She and her family were neighbors. Booze was a big part of the game then. She ran and won a seat on the C.H. city council and seemed like a solid citizen and a dedicated academic. We never got too deep into political discussions. Mostly it was just friendly banter.

    Yes, she is (and was then) a Liberal and liked the "tipple", but I didn't see her as a rabid, mean-spirited person. But I guess you often don't know a person even though you know them.

    Me being a very strict Conservative naturally didn't see eye to eye with Dorothy and her cronies.

    Now the truth comes out.

  5. I agree with your statements on this person. However, in all fairness, I must point out that this is not unique to liberals. I see this as part of the "entitlement" many in government, education, and the rich take as their "due". Higher percentage among liberals than conservatives? Certainly. But look at the demographics. Who makes up the bulk of conservatives? Rural and small town, small business owners, middle class workers. Just like anything else, very little is black and white.

  6. Anonymous12:53 PM

    With liberals it is do as I say, not as I do.