Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Armed Citizen Drops Two Robbers in Philly

And as expected, the thugs' families and the liberal media cry and want to know why.

Shooting of two robbers shakes a street, and a city

The afternoon shooting stunned residents not for the violence but how it unfolded - and the mystery surrounding the shooter.

As the two masked robbers fled Krick's store with money, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, they were confronted by the man, whom police describe only as a concerned citizen in his 40s with a military background and a license to carry a concealed weapon.

He ordered the bandits to stop. They pulled guns. He shot and killed both.

Berks County District Attorney John Adams reaffirmed Tuesday that his office would bring no charges against the man, or identify him out of concern for his safety.

But the prosecutor said the man was justified to kill the would-be bandits. "How foolish of them to try to rob this business in broad daylight," Adams said in an interview.
One of the dead was Robert Decarr, 18 years old. And as expected:
Nearby, friends and family members of DeCarr erected a makeshift vigil site with candles and posters sporting "Rest in Peace" and other handwritten messages.

In an interview, DeCarr's sister, Taylor DeCarr, 20, said her brother was a "good kid" who "hung out with the wrong crowd." She said she had no idea why DeCarr robbed the store.

"He did not have to kill him," she said of the shooter. "He could have shot him in the leg. . . . They would have laid there till the cops got there.
All that was missing was the expected comment about how he was just about to turn his life around, get a job and start working his way through medical school. The fact that this little hood pointed a gun at someone and threatened to kill him unless he turned over all of his money doesn't matter to these feral hood rats.

But sometimes justice comes in the form of a good citizen in the right place at the right time with the right ammunition.

Kudos to the prosecutor for making the right call and not the easy, politically-correct one.


  1. Hey Murphy;

    Look for the race pimps to run this into the media before the 2014 elections....gotta keep the democrat base stirred up. There are times that I think that there needs to be 2 America's.One Blue and one Red.

  2. No doubt an aspiring rapper and basketball star. They always are. Just like Trayvon - pumped up on teenage testosterone and gansta rap, they think they're just the baddest mofos in the hood, until they pull some crap like this and run into the guy who really is the baddest mofo in the hood. Good riddance.

  3. Wow. Never ceases to amaze me that a "good kid" is still a "good kid" even though he MADE THE CHOICE TO HANG OUT WITH THAT BAD CROWD. They didn't force him. And the fact that he was a minor in possession of a firearm and used it in the commission of a felony really doesn't give much strength to your "good kid" image. Dude made his choices, and received the consequences.

    As for the shooter...why was it necessary to point out that he had a military background, unless the media is trying for some "vets are dangerous cuz one just shot a poor kid on his way to choir practice here's a pic from when he was 7 years old see how cute and innocent he looked back then" spin. Wish I knew who he was...his next drink would be on me.

  4. Kudos to the prosecutor for making the right call and not the easy, politically-correct one.

    Watch Holder get involved.

  5. I wonder if there were any winners among the lottery tickets. /// Also, in the alternative universe, perhaps three lines in the Philly Inquirer would have lamented the murder of a well-liked clerk, for whom no one constructed a make-shift, sidewalk memorial. [police would, of course, have numerous leads from the good citizens of the neighborhoods nearby.]

  6. Yeah, agree with Mr. G; Sharpton and Rev Jessah will ramp that one up in a heartbeat...

  7. You reap what you sow. Good riddance to the thugs.

  8. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Goo riddance to bad trash

  9. "He could have shot him in the leg".

    How many times have I heard that phrase (or 'shot the gun out of his hand" sounded by so many idiots.

    They do not understand why lethal force is used. Nor do they understand it's kind of hard to hit the leg and not hit the femoral artery. Or shoot and miss the leg and hit someone else. Or shoot and the bullet goes right through and hits someone else. Or shoot them in the leg and they shoot you back...

    OH, and yes he was a GOOD boy. So GOOD he went out with others and robbed that store (and who knows, maybe other stores.)

    No doubt he was trying to get past his demons, but he got past them running with them,not running away from them.

  10. Actually, it was in Reading, and not in Philadelphia. The two cities are about 45 miles apart as the crow flies.

    The folks in Reading have lucked out with two early retirements from their corps of career criminals.

    Would that more concerned citizens who effectuate such retirements be found in Philly.