Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sometimes the criminals make it too easy for the police

So this numbskull named Joshua Goverman decides to steal some copper wire from someone else rather than, you know, work for a living. In the process of attempting to flee with the stolen wire, it gets caught on something and his hand gets caught in thew wire. End result? It tears his finger off, allowing the police to track him down since he's already a convicted felon and the fingerprint from the severed digit led right to him.

AZ man apologizes, lost finger stealing copper

Of course he didn't help himself by posting about it on Facebook under his own name, either. (How is it that all of these bums who claim to need to steal to survive always seem to have internet and cable TV and money for tattoos and stuff?)

Some people are just too stupid to walk among us. Fortunately in this case, Joshua will be off the streets for another couple of months courtesy of his latest conviction.


  1. Yeah, good point... But they are 'poor, disenfranchised, and and...'

  2. We all ought to give him "the finger!"

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I say we need The Star Chamber

  4. But sadly only for a few 'months' in the slammer.

    Bet what he is gonna do once he gets out?