Friday, November 01, 2013

LAX shooting

OK, so far as we know, multiple TSA agents were shot at Los Angeles Airport today. The media is already playing up the fact that an "assault rifle" was allegedly used.

That can't be, however, because such weapons are banned in California and gun bans keep criminals from getting guns. Dianne Feinstein keeps telling us this and she's from California.

Also, while I'm no fan at all of TSA goons, shooting them is still technically wrong, so my sympathies to those shot.

Can we just abolish TSA now? It's not like there hasn't been an alternative idea since the 1970's.


  1. At one time, I also would have been sympathetic to those who lost their life. But time and experience has brought me to the point that TSA are the "bad" guys (along with LEO, DHS, IRS, etc). So, you know what? Good riddance.

  2. I do not condone the actions taken against the TSA, but I am certainly not going to shed a tear for them. Their families get my utmost sympathies, however.

    When you make your living solely through depriving US Citizens of their civil rights, that's too bad.

  3. @ JPD: I don't like them one bit but I don't think that TSA are "bad" per se; Most I think are just sad wanna-be's who can't get police jobs or folks that just needed work and lucked into these cushy federal (and now unionized, thanks GWB!) jobs that pay a ton of money for unskilled drone work. Most abuse and annoy travelers simply because they don't know any better. I'd cheer to see them all unemployed tomorrow but I really don't wish death upon them. That goes double for other federal LEOs, too. Most joined to fight real bad guys and it's what they usually do most of the time when the Obama Administration isn't re-diverting them against the rest of us. The ones that I know--and I know a lot--ARE the good guys.

  4. I agree with Murphy on the federal leos. Most of them need to go away, but by that I mean FIRED, not fired UPON. IRS SWAT teams, DoEducation SWAT teams, etc.

  5. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Yeah Archie

  6. When berating TSA porgies at airports factor in the only training they receive is at their workplace. There’s no training academy, FTO program or any of the like those of us in law enforcement would expect. They are glorified mall security in a uniform with the sketchiest of training, no positive role models and sneered at by the public.
    Most are really decent folks, Mom’s & Dad’s trying to make a living on a thirty hour or less per week job. It’s the only job many of them have been able to get and those I know are grateful to have it and the health insurance they also receive with it. So no, I don’t hate them, the bad apples need to be caught and fired.
    Hating LEO is also a juvenile delusion of folks who tend to fear authority. As a whole we in LE are very pleased to see problem LEO or LE Administrations brought to light and properly disciplined. More training dollars go to correcting or preventing previous problems of other agencies than some small countries could ever spend.
    My background is municipal LE and I’ve recently retired after 29 years of LE work, I did my best for my community and agency. If you think cops and feds are so terrible than go through the process to become one yourself and make a difference. Or you can just be a hater and complainer.