Friday, November 01, 2013

On my way to the range today...a pet peeve

On my way to the range, I encountered this fine piece of humanity at the local stop-n-rob.
I actually saw her get out of her car--a woman perhapd 50 years old with no apparent disability whatsoever. I called out to her and told her that she was in a handicapped spot, but she just gave me a dismissive look and walked into the store. So...
Apparently she likes the Pittsburgh Steelers. There might be a mental handicap there. Still...

After I put my camera away, she came out and demanded to know why I was photographing her car. I pointed out her faux pas, at which point she indicated the yellow-lined zone next to her car and told me that that was the handicapped spot.
"No," I explained, "that is marked off so that real disabled people with wheelchairs or crutches have enough room to get out of their cars."
She then told me that the spot on the other side of that zone was for handicapped, and that the striped zone was "for disabled passengers". The denial was strong in this one.

She then told me that I had illegally photographed her car and that she was going to call the police. I told her that I'd love that, because when they showed up, I'd insist that they write her the ticket for parking in the handicapped space. She again claimed that she wasn't in a handicapped spot, and I pointed out the big blue wheelchair painted on the pavement under her car. At this point, she quickly jumped into her Jag and backed out, then sped off. I guess that she didn't want to talk to the police after all.

Yeah, I know. I can be a jerk sometimes. And if feels pretty good.

I only wish I'd gotten her picture as well. Funny thing is, she was wearing an ID tag that looked an awful lot like the ones that hospital staffers wear. I might have to send a link to this post over to nearby Jefferson Memorial Hospital and see if someone there recognizes her cute little mid-life crisis car.


  1. They really do need to restripe their lot. But if she parked on the wc logo thats pretty hard to defend.

  2. Well the way I look at this is...

    If there are ALOT of handicapped spaces and few people, well I don't care where you park.

    But if the shopping is a-going and not many spaces, yea park where you are supposed to.

    But I can also tell you there are a awful lot of fat people who should walk if they possibly can as their real problem is they don't exercise yet they get handicapped stickers and get robo carts to drive around in at the super markets.

  3. I called a woman out on doing this and it turns out she was a nurse at the facility. She told me that she parked there because her daughter was pregnant. I simply went inside and filed a complaint with the front desk. In hindsight I should've been polite and offered to help her daughter inside. Oh did I mention that this was a mental health facility, she was there to pick up a paycheck, and her daughter had no intention on getting out of the car?

  4. Know a sergeant in the county Sheriffs department that will stop whatever she is doing to write a HC zone parking ticket. When people see her writing them a ticket and come running out, she explains that she can have the car towed and impounded. She writes an average of one per week.

  5. Anonymous8:14 PM

    You were not being rude.
    You were calling out an a-hole