Monday, November 18, 2013

Raising kids right...

You're doing it wrong.
Yeah, I got nothing original today.


  1. Oh good grief...does she grow up to be this girl?

  2. I TRULY hope that is a .22...

  3. I remember shooting a Ruger .357 Maximum revolver, not mine, it was a "You want to try a few rounds?" kind of deal at the range. The first shot was pretty well centered in the target and I have no idea where the second shot went as (if you can picture this and allow for a slight, but not quite sea story, level of storytelling exaggeration) I most likely had both eyes closed, a grip that went well beyond a death grip, my head was turned to the side, and the flinch started long before I began moving the trigger.

    I started my wife's shooting with a BB pistol and worked slowly up, I have never seen either the logic or the humor in having your spouse beat up by recoil. About the only time she said no more was after a few bench shots with a fairly warm load for the .45-70 lever action. The result is a shooting buddy as well as a wife. I have seen nothing but positive results from this over the years.

    John in Philly

  4. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Scary this would b e allowed and tolerated!


  5. To be honest, when I see pics like this (or the equally ubiquitous chuckling morons doing the same thing to wives and girlfriends), I really, really, REALLY want to take the parents/boyfriends/husbands out back for a little pistol whipping session. . .

    But I'm able to simulate a civilized man occaisionally, so I refrain. But this one is way worse than most of those. Hell, it would be all too easy for that girl to KILL herself, stroking off a second round when she flinches as the muzzle punches out her front teeth.