Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seemingly normal, they drive among us.

I saw this one in the Wendys drive-thru in Leesburg recently.

The driver looked to be a youngish blonde gal. I wanted to tell the guy on the other end of the speaker to give me the bill for her order and get her phone number, but alas, it was at a fast-food joint in Northern Virginia and I don't speak spanish. By the time I cleared the lane with my order, her Toyota had dematerialized.


  1. Most awesome bumper sticker I've ever seen was done up to look like a FedEx sticker, and said "Tardis Express: When It Absolutely Has To Be There The Day Before You Sent It".

    Ran across a red SUV the other day with a license plate that said "Curse U". It wasn't until I got closer at a stoplight that I noticed the license plate frame read "Red" at the top and "Baron" at the bottom. Snoopy would approve.

  2. Nice! No sonic screwdriver though =)

  3. @ Brigid: I thought of you when I saw it.