Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sad Sub News. Clamagore about to disappear forever

The history doesn't matter. Patriots Point is shedding USS Clamagore and it's now down to a battle between those who would sink her and those who would scrap her.

Rusting Clamagore sub at Patriots Point likely to become a marine reef

The sad fact is that no city is willing to take Clamagore and no one is willing to put up the money for crucial stabilizing repairs. I even got involved early this year and tried to help find her a new home, only to be rejected by every city that I sent letters to. And she needs dry-docking and major hull work that no one seems willing to pay for or donate. In short, no one cares any more other than a handful of old submariners who have been trying to fight the good fight to save her, only without any resources.

Clamagore will be gone soon, but mark my words, this isn't the last of these historic ships that we'll see go this way; she's but the first. Many other ex-military museum ships are neglected and on the verge of sinking today and virtually all of the museum ships nation-wide are in the red financially. Unless something is done to develop a preservation program for them, I predict that we'll see more of them sent downriver to a scrap yard or just taken out and sunk, and that will be a shame and a crime that future generations will rightly be able to hold this one responsible for.


  1. Patriots Point had gotten a warning letter to do repairs to the Yorktown or scrap her. We went there for my sons cub scout trip and there were fund raising attempts to repair the yorktown. They had just gotten the Laffey back from the docks. I guess money is tight. U.S.S. Olympia up in Philadelphia harbor is in dire straits for the same reason.

  2. She isn't first and won't be last. There aren't a lot of preserved vessels from Lepanto. At the time it may have been Midway. Our history is only important to those close to it.
    But we need to preserve as many relics as we can. Money for history preservation is disappearing.
    Enjoy what has been saved and (as you did) help preserve more.
    Take care, amigo.

  3. I bet if they gave it to TEXAS it could be preserved (we have a navy of our own.)

    Need to call up Rick Perry.

  4. This has become an epidemic... The cities that have them love the income from the tourists, but won't part with a damn nickle to help preserve the attractions (or save historic ships)... In their new PC world, military = bad...

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    +1 Ol NFO

  6. That would be a sad end for the last of the GUPPY III type subs.

    Hopefully some funding could be found and the silly rule that the Navy can't help our with repairs and maintenance should be lifted.

    If it comes down to it, better that she be sunk at a dive-able depth rather than scrapped so people who appreciate her could still visit her.

  7. A sad end to a boat I at least got to board.