Monday, November 04, 2013

Yes Virginia, you have a choice to make

Tomorrow is election day in Virginia, and this one is for all the marbles as far as the Governor's race goes.

On one side, there is Ken Cuccinelli. Ken is the state'e Attorney General presently and he's served Virginians well as a steward of their gun rights and as a guardian against the infestation of illegal aliens that is plaguing Virginia and many other states currently. He's been a consistent advocate for lower taxes, smaller government and individual property rights, and he's always been a supporter of the police and veterans. He's been a model conservative in most every way and Virginia and America would be well served by his political ascension in this swing state.

Across from Cuccinelli is the career politician and perpetual scandal known as Terry McAuliffe, a man who first came to prominence as the one who sold overnights in the White House Lincoln Bedroom to Democrat donors in exchange for campaign contributions back during the Clinton Administration. He's been involved in numerous scandals and ethical faux pas over the years and he's gotten rich mainly through back-room deals involving shady companies like Global Crossings and Greentech. I'll leave you to research those because his minions have pretty well sanitized the Wikipedia articles on those scandals. He's a big-government advocate who loves Obamacare (although he refrained from talking about it at his campaign event last night) and he's an unabashed foe of guns and gun owners, bragging about his NRA F rating. (Cuccinelli has an A.) McAuliffe has pledged to end Virginia's status as a "right-to-work" state and open it up to unions who are currently some of his biggest financial backers. He's also all about giving illegals pretty much everything they want as he, like most Democrats, sees them not as criminals or trespassers but as future Democrat voters. A McAuliffe victory would be bad for Virginia and bad for America.

Further complicating matters is a Libertarian wrench in the works named Robert Sarvis. Sarvis is really more liberal than libertarian (even crazy old Ron Paul endorsed Cuccinelli over Sarvis this year) and he's little more than a kid, being still in his 30s. Still, he's reported sucking about 9% of the votes in this close, close race, undeniably harming Cuccinelli more than McAuliffe. Robert Sarvis can't win, but he can take enough votes from Cuccinelli to give the victory to McAuliffe and the forces of evil that have hitched their wagons to his star.

Folks, if you live in Virginia or know someone that does, it's imperative that you get out there for Cuccinelli
and help him carry the day. He needs every vote, and if he doesn't get them, we'll all see Virginia slide from the red column into the blue one, and America can't afford that, much less the people in Virginia. So get out there and vote, and reach out to others who can vote in Virginia, and please--if you know someone who is planning to piss away a vote on that Sarvis kid to "send a message" or for whatever other reason that some people use to justify throwing away a valid vote on an unelectable and unqualified candidate, smack some sense into them and get them to do the right thing for Virginia tomorrow.

This race is important, people. This one's a watershed, and if we don't win it tomorrow, we'll pay for our loss for decades to come.


  1. Even though I'm on the opposite coast, I donated money to Ken.

    Here's hoping he wins!

  2. "he, like most Democrats, sees them not as criminals or trespassers but as future Democrat voters"

    And there you have it in a nutshell.

  3. Out here in CA, I am rooting for Mr. Cucinnelli to win.

  4. Good point Murph... sigh

  5. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Virginia does not need Terry the Punk as Governor

  6. Rick, you're right. The guy is a stone criminal.