Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Sub Tour via Streetview.

Thanks to Tom in Alaska for the head's up on this,

Normally I find Google Street View to be intrusive to the point of offensive. Should I ever see one of their cars in my driveway, it may result in a shooting situation. However, in this case, they seem to have done something right with their digital tour of the ex-British submarine HMS Ocelot (S17) which is now on public display as a tourist attraction in Kent.

Click Here for Ocelot Tour via Google Street View

That's cool. You can move all through it and look all around via this thing. I'm impressed.

I also note that the British sold this sub when they didn't need it any more. They sell almost all of their old military equipment to whoever wants it, unlike us here where we destroy it all. If our government sold old subs, I'd buy ex-Clamagore in a heartbeat. Moored in fresh water it'd make a fantastic houseboat.


  1. Yeah, there ARE significant differences in how the US handles 'war material' and other countries do...

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    The sub view great

  3. That was too fucking cool.

  4. Very very cool.
    Thanks for sharing