Monday, December 09, 2013

I hate dogs

OK, maybe I don't hate ALL dogs, but as of this morning, I can think of two that I do.

Yesterday I spent the day working through the ice storm that hit our area. I actually went in on my day off to help out due to a shortage of personnel and I got held over because my replacement did not come in. (No good deed goes unpunished, right?) Then it was a sixty-some mile drive home through the freezing rain and ice because a pair of dogs were waiting on me. (Thanks to PH for stopping by mid-day to give them a break...and sorry that Murphy was such an ass.)
I got home, put the dogs out and fed them when they came back in, and then I had some food and a beer or three for me and I racked out for some well-deserved sleep.

Fast-forward to this morning, at way-too-early o'clock. I had two Shepherds standing next to my bed, reaching out at me with their paws and noses to bat at me, lick me and whine me into awakefulness for some reason known only to them. I tried to ignore them and shoo them back to their beds but they were persistent and eventually, as much as I wanted to sleep more, I found myself awake. Naturally, the dogs, apparently agreeing amongst themselves that their job was now done, returned to their beds and went back to sleep.

WTF? And oh, HELL no! If I gotta be up, two Shepherds that I know can go be outside in the snow for a while.

And now I'm wide awake but still tired.



  1. With a second dog, troubles aren't additive, they multiply!

    Glad you got home safe.

  2. That's exactly what my cats do - and once they have me up they are happy and wander off.

  3. BUT just maybe there was a 10 ft tall Bigfoot outside the door and you waking up scared him off. I mean put a little positive spin on it. Works for Obama, why not Murphy and Belle?

  4. Know exactly how you feel. "Daddy, I need a hug/ear-skritches. At OMG-30 in the AM. Okay, thanks, I'm off to bed now!"

  5. They were just bein' your doggie alarm clocks and doing their job. Once that was successfully accomplished, they felt the need for a well deserved nap! Happens to me every Saturday morning at 0630.

  6. HeeHeeHee! This was all planned. We all got on Murphy's blog and "encouraged" him to rile you up.

  7. Sounds like they've become a real team, and Murphy has accepted Belle into "his" home.

    You're in trouble now.

  8. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Be afraid. Be VERY Afraid...


  9. Ah yes, the IGOTTAPEE, oh never mind wake up call...

  10. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I would be ticked off also

  11. Our big one wakes me up about 1245am to go out, but he goes out, does his business, and comes right back in.

    The little one picks on my wife, waking her up, and NOT wanting to go outside!

    Then she comes over to my side an hour later and tries the same stunt.

    I DRAG her to the back door, push her out, close the door, and walk away for about ten minutes.

    After the third time I did that, she stopped coming over to wake me up!