Monday, January 20, 2014

Got nothing, so here.

I'm so devoid of blog content today that all I can do is offer you a video of an F-16 making an emergency landing with it's engine out.

And here's the news story that goes with it.

Flameout at 13000 feet.

Yeah. 1996. And I know that at least one fine blogger on the left side of the screen has shown this before, but damned if I can remember who or find it after doing a quick check of the likely suspects.

Still some damned good flying there and a perfect example of how not to come unglued when things go wrong.


  1. So there I was, leading a two ship during a deployment to Misawa AB Japan, in mid December. We're going 2 v 2 against a pair of F-16s and we're the bad guys, so we're waaaayyy out over the North Pacific. Running toward the merge just under the cons (Contrails can be seen for a long way doncha know).So in the high 30s. Spot the 16s about 10 miles out in the mid 20s. Smartly pulled the throttles to idle in order to reduce IR signature and the right engine takes offense and compressor stalls. Flames come out both ends of the engine, very impressive, and requires an engine restart, but not all that big of a deal. Restart, engine compressor stalls again. Now, it's a somewhat bigger deal. Mission's over, call the Knock it off, shut the engine off again and leave it off. Roll out and point toward home. Dial in home base and the mileages settles out at about 225. My first coherent, non-reflexive thought as I looked down at the North Pacific was "Damn, I'm glad I don't fly an F-16."

    1. Damn, you got to do all the cool stuff. Color me jealous.

  2. Seen that one, and ya just gotta love the cool attitudes. I think the pilot of the engine-out might've dozed off at one point...just another day at the office!