Monday, January 20, 2014

OK, so NOW something funny happens that I can post about.

Darwin, table for one?

Man struck, killed by train while posing for picture

To recap, the guy was SITTING ON THE TRACKS posing for a picture. and somehow this big old train snuck up on him out of nowhere and got him. Apparently his girlfriend, who was taking his picture at the time, never saw or heard it coming, either.

No sympathy here. Stupid is supposed to hurt, and lke one of the story's commenters said, not getting killed by a train is one of the easiest things on the planet. All you gotta do is not be where you know it's gonna be when it's there.

Oh well. One less Obama voter in the country.


  1. Oh, not really. Dead voters are an important part of the Democrat coalition.

  2. (thumbs up) for one less Obummer voter.

  3. Congratulations to the most recent recipient of the Charles Darwin Gene Pool Reduction Award.

  4. having worked most of my life around RR's I know how easy it is for a fast moving train to 'sneak up' on you. It was always surprising, we were generally engaged in work and the sound doesn't seem to carry forward fast enough to give ample warning when distracted plus all the other noises from the surrounding area, especially by a busy highway.

    1. Randy, I can see that in those circumstances, but there's a difference between working on or near the tracks and just playing around on them. In a perfect world, there'd be a law barring lawsuits by anyone injured or killed on the railroad right-of-way or their survivors. There's no reason or excuse for being on train tracks. And full disclosure: I do it too from time to time. But we rolls our dice and takes our chances.