Monday, January 20, 2014

Here comes the snow

Up to 8 inches expected tomorrow. And being literally on the side of a mountain like some of us are, we can expect 10-12 inches as the mountain ridge acts like a big catchers' mitt.

Just glad that the dogs and I have nowhere to go tomorrow. I just hit the grocery store this evening and stocked up on beer and other essential supplies so I'm all set. Bring on the snow.


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Did you get plenty of dog biscuits?

    1. Of course. If I run out, they'll go on strike and stop being dogs or something. Actually I'm not sure what they'll do, but there's plenty of goodies here for them. But right now, for Belle at least, the new snow is dog treat enough.

  2. "Enjoy" at least .gov is closing today too... ;-)

  3. Where's the global warming, or sunspots depending on who you believe, when you need it?

  4. Have a great snow day. Me, meh, I'm at work.

  5. Been interesting to watch the weather maps change over the last 24 hours. I think we started in the 1-3 inch range and now we are in 6-12 inch range. And I think I've already got upwards of 3 inches on the deck.

  6. Enjoy your day off, and stay safe!