Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just Plane Nice

A Vultee BT-13 trainer doing it's thing. Over 9,500 built for World War Two, maybe two dozen still flying today.

It was known as the "Vultee Vibrator" due to it's tendency to violently shake as it approached a stall.

Here's one for sale.


  1. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Sweet plane.
    Is it on your wish list?

    1. Gotta admit...the more I look at the one for sale and read about that aircraft's handling, economy and maintenance costs as compared to the much more expensive T-6 Texans and others that I'm dreaming about, it's getting there fast.

  2. I assume the vibration near stall speeds was a feature and not a bug? Help people who had never held a stick in their hands "fee" the aircraft better.

    I recall an instructor saying the problem with training new kids to fly the Spitfire was the elliptical wing stalled all at once, and you had no indications. Flying along getting ready to land and whump! there you are on the ground.

  3. Well, that one has room for your dogs that the Stearman doesn't!