Sunday, March 30, 2014

One union painter does what the Russian Navy and al Qaeda never could

An entire US Navy nuclear submarine destroyed forever, because Casey Fury didn't want to work. America's enemies must be so proud of him.

USS Miami to be scrapped after arson fire.

And because of this arsonist--a repeat offender whose attorney keeps trying to portray as a victim of mental illness--a $700 million dollar ship is gone and other boats and crews have had to suffer extended deployments to cover it's planned patrols. Also seven firefighters were injured, all because one guy wanted to go home early.
And Casey Fury, the arsonist, got 17 years in prison for this.
17 years in prison isn't enough. This guy should be spending the rest of his life in prison working at forced labor every day. If I were president, he'd be sent to the Puget Sound breakers' yard along with ex-Miami, given a hacksaw, and told that his sentence ends when the last bit of that hull is cut down to 1x1' squares and loaded onto the last rail car, all by him and him alone. How do you do something like that and ever consider calling yourself an American?


  1. I'd heard about the fire, but not that it was arson.

    Hangin's too good for that SOB!

  2. And make him sharpen his own hacksaw blades, too.

  3. Just a symptom of the 'me' generation (and also a symptom of a government that don't give a shit.)

    I would have thought to work on a nuke sub, even if just the janitor, you would have to have lots of clearance and background checks.

    But I guess not.

  4. And he got a reduced sentence because of a 'mental condition'... sigh...

  5. The Navy launched a series of investigations after the fire that led to recommendations, including installation of temporary automatic fire detection systems while submarines are in dry dock.

    Ya think!

  6. Photo of him looks like the famous pic of Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter.

  7. The 17 year sentence is because they're currently working on building a lower ring of hell for politicians and lawyers, and will not be able to complete the proposed room for this douchebag for another 17 years (its hard to make a hell level that emulates a submarine in every way). Until then, I hope they throw this dickweed into general population and spread the rumor that he likes little boys and kinky transvestite goat porn.

    1. They don't need to spread a rumor.... some guards could put some goat porn in his cell.... hahaha. Man that would be a gas.

  8. Coulda easily titled your post "White Male Painter..."

  9. Scum like this do not get what they deserve, you're right. About the only good thing, is, in my experience, federal stretches are not like state ones. In other words, if he got 17yrs, out on good behavior would mean 16 yrs, and 9 mon.

  10. Anonymous12:33 PM

    This maggot needs to be shot or hung.