Saturday, June 21, 2014

For Juvat

Since I noticed in your last comment that you like the F-107, I got a few shots of the one that Pima has, #55-5118.

But Wright-Patterson has one, too, #55-5119.

Neat plane, but for those not familiar, Republic's F-105 beat it out in competition and went on to become one of the all-time great fighter-bombers. The F-107 lost out and never went into production. There were only three prototypes made. These two still exist. The third, #55-5120, was wrecked by Scott Crossfield following an aborted take-off in 1959 and scrapped.

But I also thought of Juvat at Pima when I saw these:

Yeah, you need to get out there and see the place. Gimme some advance notice and I may try to join you.


  1. Thanks! I'm thinking maybe late fall or early winter when it's only a dry 90 something.

  2. The F-107 looks like it would be loud, what with the intake right behind the pilot's head. How could you eject safely, also?

  3. Ejection was an issue with that one. Pilots called it a "man eater" because of that intake.

  4. That F-107 is one odd looking bird. Sexy though.

    Nice Eagle, nice Phantom.

    From this <a href="<b>website</b></a>

    About the F-4:
    McDonnell F-4C-22-MC Phantom 0673 sent to AMARC as FP056 Apr 16, 1987. Now at the Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, AZ.

    About the F-15:
    McDonnell Douglas F-15A-20-MC Eagle 0118 c/n 0404/A330.
    Sent to AMARC as FH0152, no date given. No indication of when it went to Pima.

  5. Just finished writing a post for Sarge (he's a slave driver that one) and needed a graphic. That helped me finally figure out what struck me about the F-107. It reminds me of the Spy Vs. Spy characters in MAD magazine from when I was a kid.