Thursday, July 17, 2014

Incredible--another B-29 to become airworthy.

After all this time, Fifi won't be the sole flying B-29 any more.

Historic World War II-era plane set to fly again
I didn't even know that there was another one being made airworthy. This is truly great news.

Just keep Daryl Greenamyer away from this one.


  1. Wings of Victory is going to be in our area this coming week. Gonna check out the B-24 again. Can't afford another ride, but looking forward to seeing her.

  2. Outfrikkinstanding! :-) And kudos to them!!! Apparently one of the 'consultants' was one of the ladies that actually built it!!!

  3. I've been donating money to the CAF of "Fifi" for years now.

    I figure I've donated enough to maybe pay for one set of spark plugs!

  4. Anonymous12:47 AM

    A war bird in the air once more. Bravo