Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lawsuit abuse, and the scumbags that file them.

In Pontiac, Michigan, we have a candidate for BS Lawsuit of the year in Alexis Wilson.

Wilson was released from prison on parole in 2012 after serving two years for a crash in which her pregnant pal Tamia Williams was killed. That crash occurred when Williams, driving without a license after drinking and high on marijuana, lost control of the rented Chevrolet Malibu that she was driving at speeds close to 88mph in a 35 mph zone. She struck a pole and a fence and the car was destroyed. Wilson was badly injured but survived, while her passenger, the pregnant Williams, died. Wilson was sentenced to prison for manslaughter, but now with the furor over certain GM cars having defective ignition locks (the Malibu not being one of these), Williams is filing a lawsuit against Government General Motors and trying to get paid. And Williams' mother has apparently forgiven Wilson and joined her in the lawsuit in an attempt to sue her way onto Easy Street as well.

Driver imprisoned for fatal GM crash in 2008 wants payback

“I feel like I took responsibility for my actions with me going to prison and dealing with my friend dying,” she said in an interview this week. “I feel like that General Motors should take some responsibility in terms of what’s wrong with the car.”

And by "responsibility", she means that GM should hand her a big sack of cash.
“I shouldn’t have been driving, and I shouldn’t have been drinking. Or if I was speeding, I shouldn’t have been speeding,” Wilson said.

But you really can't have a frivolous lawsuit without an ambulance-chasing bottom-feeding lawyer, and in this case, we have Bob Hilliard of Texas.
In a phone interview Wednesday, Hilliard said he will sue over wrongful incarceration and death because Hilliard thinks Williams was killed because the front air bags failed to deploy. He said it doesn’t matter what caused the accident, nor if Wilson was speeding or didn’t have a license.

Now Hilliard probably knows that front airbags don't deploy if a car spins sideways into something, as this car did when Wilson spun off the road and into that pole. They also don't keep a person alive when the impact is severe enough to wrench the entire engine right out of the car, as was the case here. Some things just aren't survivable, and an 88MPH lateral impact into a post is pretty much on that list, frontal airbag deployment of not. And did GM force Wilson to drive without a license after drinking and smoking weed? Of course not. But this being a "victim mentality" culture, at least Wilson and Williams' mom and Bob Hilliard think that GM should still make her rich as a consequence of her own bad choices.

Now I despise GM and would be only too happy to see them bankrupted out of existence, but in this case, I hope that they find some backbone and fight this one and send Wilson and her money-grubbing shyster packing without a dime. Of course GM probably worries about a case like this getting in front of a jury made up of Wilson's peers: twelve fools who think that lawsuits are a form of urban lottery where anyone who sues a corporation or government agency is supposed to get paid regardless of actual fault. And they'd be right to worry since we see that sort of thing happening all the time, as in this case in New York City where a shoplifter was just handed $510,000 for an injury sustained while resisting arrest.

Crook wins $510K suit against cops for arrest injury

The amount was so huge that it even surprised the plaintiff, Kevin Jarman, who is a career criminal and serial litigant against the city. Jarman has already sued the city and won cash settlements twice before over arrests.
The perpetual plaintiff told The [New York] Post he was surprised only by the size of the jury’s mammoth award. “I’m doing great,” he said.

While it was the biggest, the windfall wasn’t Jarman’s first payout from the city. He sued the NYPD in 2005 for false arrest after a drug-sale rap was dropped. The city settled for $15,000. Jarman, 50, took the cops to court again in November 2013 for false arrest on another drug rap that was dropped, and the city settled that case last month for $20,000.

Again, I feel nothing but contempt for the City of New York and their socialist ways, but it galls me to see scumbags getting rich for doing nothing but wrong. In a Just world, Kevin Jarman and Alexis Wilson--and their lawyers--would just be bundled off to our southern border, handed shovels, and put to work digging a border moat for the next couple of decades.

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