Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oh, that dog!

I opened the back door this morning to talk to a neighbor and Murphy, standing behind me, saw a cat and bum-rushed me, making it out the door before I could block him. He made a bee-line right for the crazy cat neighbors' house and began chasing all of their feral cats up various trees. Dog hasn't pulled that stunt in about a year and I was kinda hoping that he was mellowing out.

Not so much, it seems.

But getting him back is easier than it used to be. I just gave him a few minutes to run around and burn some of that energy off and then I got in my Jeep and drove down the road past the crazy cat house, honking to horn a couple of times. Once Murphy saw me go by, he quit the cats and ran after me because he likes his car ride as much as he likes chasing cats. So I hit the gas and I led him for about a block until it completely slipped his mind who was supposed to be chasing who, and then I stopped, got out and opened the door, and he jumped right in, all ready for his ride.

This is so much better than the old days when it might take an hour of chasing, bribing, pleading, swearing and outright trickery to get hold of him once he'd gotten over there. And I can recall a time a few years ago when I had to chase him down the road for over half a mile before he got tired and I was able to get him.

He's much better now. Still an ass, but better.


  1. Tired after only a half mile? Thank your stars you never had to catch a greyhound or wolfhound. Tired is like 4 miles away, at speed.

  2. You need to move out to the country and get at least ten acres of land, with your place right in the middle. Then the dogs could just hang out around the place.

  3. And cat lady is going nuts the whole time, right?

    1. Fortunately she was not home.

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    At least the crazy cat lady was not home.