Monday, April 27, 2015

Watching as Baltimore starts to burn in the distance

Another day, another city under attack by the same Usual Suspects, including a few professional rioters from Ferguson, MO who flew in on someone's dime to start agitating.

And I would like to know who paid for their airfare, since to the best of my knowledge, they don't have jobs back in Ferguson or anyplace else.

We have a mayor in Baltimore--Stephanie Rawlings-Blake--who now admits that she deliberately gave the rioters who wanted to destroy people's property "space to do that".

Now police officers have been injured, citizens have been assaulted, private property has been stolen and destroyed, and still the animals continue to scream for more chaos and flock in to join in the orgy of destruction while the police department is holding back.

Fuck this. Seriously. The only thing that is going to stop these riots, in Baltimore and anywhere else, is to give the savages the only thing that they understand: an overwhelming response of force, directed squarely at them, with no quarter given to anyone caught rioting or even found in the proximity of rioting once a dispersal order has been given. The police need to be sent in there to kick ass, break heads and arrest every damned rock-thrower and window-breaker in sight, and when they get to court--after they get out of the hospital--they need to get serious jail time, each and every one. THAT would send a message to the hoodlums and punks who see any perceived injustice against any criminal of a certain color as an excuse to loot and burn and deprive other people of their rights.

Unfortunately, Baltimore, like most other cities where this sort of thing is now happening more frequently, is run by the same sort of people who are doing the rioting. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake won't unleash retributive justice on the ne'er-do-wells of Baltimore no matter how many taxpayers, property owners or cops are hurt. You see, people like Rawlings-Blake--an urban Democrat--are paid by the people who work for a living but elected and re-elected by the people who vote for a living, and that sort of "public servant" is always going to be reluctant to upset the apple cart even when it's the right thing to do.

So now I'm sitting here wondering at what point it falls upon the rest of us to to the work that our elected representatives won't do. Obviously, in the face of blatant abrogation by these representatives of their duty to maintain the public order, sooner or later the obligation will default to the rest of us; to ever law-abiding, responsible man or woman who can respond with a firearm or even a baseball bat. Someone has to protect the innocent and the good from the rampaging criminals, and I'm wondering exactly when it is that we'll reach that point and what sort of act will take pace to make it all abundantly clear that the time is here.
I also wonder how many innocents will be hurt or killed before that moment when the decent majority wakes up and marches toward the sound of trouble enmasse.

Time to lock and load?

Or perhaps this is why our founding fathers wanted the citizens to possess state-of-the-art militia-quality arms.

We're not in Musketville anymore, Toto.

You folks out there around Baltimore had best have your magazines loaded and ready and some defensive strategies worked out with your neighbors. And those of you around other urban Democrat enclaves had best be keeping your powder dry, because none of us can know who will be next. All that we can predict based on current events is that there will be a next time somewhere and probably not far off.


  1. Yep, thankfully the folks we know up there are FAR away from the trouble (for now), but I know they're locked and loaded! THere ARE a lot of questions that need to be asked, but I'm not sure we'll ever get an honest answer.

    1. it got as close as 2 miles last night. not pleased about that.

  2. I will admit that I am watching this with a nervous twitch. Mainly because my oldest is up near y'all with the Sheriff of my county participating in the Jr. Deputy trip to Washington DC. I know that the sheriff is keeping an eye on things and keeping our kids safe but still.

  3. Yeah, I am 40 miles away, but still...Listening to the scanner and reading Md Shooters, it's worse that what is being reported. Can't wait til it spreads to the DC area...

  4. So the mayor's "space to do that [destroy]", leaves police officers with broken bones and at least one who was (by one article that I read) unresponsive.

    Does she really consider that acceptable? If so, I would hope that those who work for a living would vote her out at the next and soonest available opportunity (if not sooner).

    I'll keep all of y'all who are close in my thoughts and prayers. I've family pretty close up there, too.

  5. But if you accually deal with them as they deserve somebody will feel bad and gee whiz we can't have that.

    LE got clobbered there Saturday night because they were ordered not to don riot gear because it might intimidate people.

  6. The Baltimore mayor is just as bad as the kook-liberal mayor in Oakland. WTF? Space to destroy property...I beg, your friggin' pardon? I would sue the shit out of her and the City of Baltimore if her negligence (or whatever) in enforcing the law destroyed my property. She's enabling these protestors. Excuse my language...but I'm sick of this.

  7. And for those of us on the Left Coast, I just heard an announcement that L.A. is on "High Alert".

    So far the scanner has been fairly quiet.....

  8. All I can say is thank God I'm moving away from Philly next week. Sh*t like that wouldn't fly in or around Pittsburgh. You wanna try trashing an oil roughneck's pickup? Where would you like the lilies sent?

  9. Anonymous1:32 PM

    We better stay alert