Saturday, April 11, 2015

Still here.

Still in Nashville, surrounded by acres of guns, gun stuff and great gun people. Having camera/iPad interface issues now so pics will have to wait, and of course I can only blog from the media room at the convention center since our unspeakable curry-themed motel only promises wifi but doesn't actually deliver it.

Highlight for yesterday: fondling Fabrique Nationale's Mk48 machine gun, which was so impressive in its design and its low weight that I actually prayed for a power failure to knock the lights out for a minute so I could spirit it away.  No joy, however.

Otherwise, the trip has been a litany of polite, friendly crowds, lackluster restaurant service, loud music and lots of beer, with a cheery but confused Ethiopian cab driver thrown in last night.

More to follow. Stick around.


  1. I'm glad you're having a good time. I have a few more hours off, then back on call. Still enjoying a free day.

  2. And if those lights had gone out, and a certain crew served weapon had gone on a test and evaluation journey, would you attempt propeller synchronization, or mount it clear of the prop arc?

    My father spent part of his Army Air Corps time at Randolph Field, and he described what the props looked like after timing failures.

    One of my fondest Navy Reserve experiences was using Uncle Sam's ammo to shoot holes in the Caribbean waters with a Browning heavy machine gun.

    John in Philly