Thursday, April 09, 2015

We have arrived

We're here. Crappy hotel but cheap and not too far away. Aaron asks me if I can spot where he's carrying his concealed handgun. I used a brisk slap of the back of my hand to rule out "appendix carry" and now he's whining about that.  Some people are so touchy...


  1. ROTF... Finally got here myself... 50 minute WX hold at IAD this afternoon... Joy, joy...

  2. You sure you're not related? You two quibble like siblings.

  3. First: that's not where you carry appendix style.

    Second: at least be polite enough to ask someone to cough before grabbing them there or better yet, don't.

    Third: since it wasn't near there and you couldn't find it I guess it was well concealed.

    Fourth: OW.

    Fifth: You're an ass.