Friday, May 01, 2015

Let the scapegoating begin in Baltimore.

Here we go.

A wet-behind-the-ears prosecutor with four whole months on the job is charging all six Baltimore police officers involved in the death of arrestee Freddie Gray, a chronic criminal offender.

So who is this prosecutor, 35 year old Marilyn Mosby? Well according to media reports, she's been on the job for four whole months, during which time she's already made a couple of cringe-worthy gaffes in other high-profiles cases that could lead the average person to question whether or not she's ready for prime-time. But her husband, Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby, has been quite outspoken during the recent riots as a pro-looter/anti-police figurehead. And now we've got his wife rushing into the spotlights to address the looters and say stuff like "I heard your call for "no justice, no peace..."

Who cares what you've heard? Your job is to examine the facts and charge--or not--appropriately, not cater to a mob and their screams for retribution. Do your job, woman, and quit playing to the cameras.

But in addition to her own desires for fame and any pressure that she may be getting from her husband, we're now finding out that one of her biggest campaign donors--and her mentor--was attorney Billy Murphy, the family lawyer and spokesman for Freddie Gray's family. Yeah, no conflict there, right?

Now let me be clear. I'm not saying that nothing wrongful occurred or that punishment is not warranted if the case can be made. I'm simply saying that this woman is not the right person to handle this case. She's a legal lightweight and she's tainted by her own biases and those of her inner circle. She's totally the wrong person for this job.

I'd like to see real justice here, but unfortunately, it's already looking like the fix is in and these six officers are going to be pilloried for political purposes and thug-appeasement rather than for what each of them might actually have done or failed to do. The prosecutor is a novice with stars in her eyes and questionable ties that put her objectivity into question but that won't matter to the mobs since it looks like she's in their corner. Stand by for the show-trials and the political sacrifice of these officers on the altar of appeasement.


  1. Since the city of Baltimore is so corruptly and incompetently run, it's not hard to believe the PD is, too. On the other hand, the decedent's fellow arrestee, when he was anonymous, said that Gray was banging his head against the wall (perhaps in an attempt to injure himself and win the ghetto lottery?). Now that the arrestee's name and mug are on the tube, he's saying, "Why would [Gray] do such a thing?"
    Whatever really happened, these cops are gone unless they can get a change of venue, and probably even then.

  2. The Baltimore City FOP called for Mosby to appoint a special prosecutor for this case but she declined. This may blow up in her face.

  3. Offering up sacrificial lambs in blue to appease the mob, complete with over-charging. Stay classy Baltimore.

    1. We've seen this before. Detroit. Nevers and Budzyn show-trials under then-mayor Coleman Young and newbie prosecutor Kym Worthy. Never forget that after it was all said and done and two good cops were sent to prison, the appellate courts overturned the whole damned mess due to egregious misconduct on the part of the prosecutor and the judges involved.

  4. "Road Therapy"..."Nicle Tour" "Screen Test".

    If (and I say, IF) this is what happened, then yes, they should be charged, tried and, if found guilty, convicted of Manslaughter.

    I've taken one of those rides, bound Hand and foot. It sucks. It hurts. It did, however, knock the smart ass out of me. But still, if he was face down and face forward when the brakes were slammed on, it might have broken his neck.
    While this may be scapegoating, it may not be. Let us see what the trial brings, right? Let the system work, right?

    I really just want to see Justice served here.

    1. Justice is what we all want. But this has the appearance of a politically-run lynch mob led by one over-eager prosecutor. She couldn't even be bothered to bring this to a grand jury but made the decision on her own after only receiving the police department's preliminary investigation last night. By morning, she already had charges drawn and a press conference scheduled. Call me cynical, but I think that she and the city wanted charges before tonight's expected May Day protests that were brewing up on social media. The city wants to show that it's going to punish these officers, even if it has to forgo getting all of the actual evidence due to self-imposed time constraints.


    2. BBBBuutt...I thought you said the system works, we just gotta let it....remember? You've said that many time. Here and in comments on my blog.

      Howz come this time when the system is against yer boyz, that it is "appalling"...but when it is Joe citizen we gotta "let the system work"?

      (Actually, I think you are right, and the thing is, they may have postponed a riot this weekend, but it's gonna be a bigger one when they acquit these cops because of lack of evidence to convict....Not that they are guilty (or innocent) but that there isn't enough evidence to convict 'em.

  5. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Clearly an abuse of discretion, and lots of ethical conflicts. Either the charges will be dismissed, or there will be an aquittal, and then we will see more unrest.

  6. It's going to be a long, hot summer... Just sayin...

  7. Anonymous10:15 PM

    These officers are being sacrificed on the alter of political correctness.
    There lives will be devistated.

  8. Well, there's the racism...oh, wait. 3 of the officers are black. . Ok, there's the chronic lack of funding for the city...oh, wait. In the last 6 years Baltimore has received 1.8 BILLION federal tax dollars, half of which were supposed to go for education. Ok, there's the fact that it has been run into the ground by Republican administrations...oh, wait. Baltimore has been run by Democrats for 50 years.

    I'm sorry someone died. But I'm pretty tired of criminals getting the crocodile tears from the very people who have supported everything that has pulled Baltimore down.

    In a way it's a relief that they've been overcharged. But there will be rioting when they can't make it stick.

    And Dear Elijah Cummings - You've represented these people for 30 years now. You are out there speechifying about the wrongs of the system. What in that 30 years have YOU done for the people you have been supposedly representing? And just out of curiosity - what is your net worth now compared to what it was when you went into "public service"?