Monday, May 11, 2015

Poor Belle

After yesterday's Mother's Day video, a number of posters noted that while Murphy is a highly-evolved predator who can easily snag popcorn out of the air, Belle...well Belle is the "less-coordinated child" in the pack.

This is true, but poster Dead Man Dance thought that Belle resembled Archy, this sad Golden retriever here:

That's mean. Not saying that it isn't funny and/or true, but still...

OK, admittedly she either needs serious help, or it's all part of her plot to get more popcorn by feigning a need for more practice at catching it.

And of course I would never throw tacos at Belle.


  1. We have two dogs.
    One will snap it up as soon as it gets close and the other one will let it hit him and scarf it from the ground.

    Then the cats move in to make sure nothing is left.....

  2. I think when she was a puppy nobody chucked a ball for her or played with her so she has not got an idea how to react to anything being throwen for her to fetch or catch rather than being chucked at her she need to learn the difference.

    1. You're probably right. She has no idea how to play "fetch", either.

  3. Priceless. Reminds me of my granddog, Tyson the Boxer. We refer to Tyson as being more of a lover than an intellect (or talent). If you forget to hand him a treat and toss it instead, he just watches as it approaches and bounces off his flat snout. Funny guy.