Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What a bitch. (And what a sap.)

So I take the dogs out for a nice long walk. We come back in, and I fill the water bowl with fresh, cold water as both dogs just stand there anticipating a nice cool drink on this hot day. And as usual, Belle walks up, puts her muzzle in the bowl, and calmly proceeds to drink her fill while Murphy can only stand there and fantasize about having a drop or two to quench his thirst.
I call her a bitch, but that dog pack pecking order thing is strong with Murph, and Belle's Alpha, which is ironic since, as far as people and other animals are concerned, he's the uber-aggressive one and she is more of a Labrador trapped in a Shepherd body. But on the pack level, he defers to her almost totally, so she gets her nice, refreshing drinks while he, the bigger, meaner dog, stands there dying of thirst. And if I call her aside or move her away from the bowl so that he can get a little, she just returns and casually shoves him out of the way and he lets her.



  1. Interesting dynamic you've got going there...

  2. Huh. Go figure.

  3. Anonymous5:06 PM

    +1 Old NFO

  4. So how hot is it back there today? Today in Northern California we are at 109 degrees. Good times. : /

    I think Murphy is being the perfect gentlemen...

  5. Should have named her Hillary.

  6. Confucius say "get two bowls."

    1. I'm not giving them two water bowls! They make a big enough mess with one, always splashing the water over the sides by drinking like pigs or stepping in it as they run to the kitchen door to bark at the deer in the back yard. Two would be twice the hassle.

  7. Murphy is just exhibiting that he recognizes the concept that we men who have been married have known for years: "She who must be obeyed."

    It tends to simplify life.

  8. When Bouie does this I compliment him on being such a thoughtful gentleman. Then I remind him that Yappy and Mysti have both been spayed. He doesn;t seem to understand.