Saturday, August 01, 2015

Saturday Man Movie

In 1964's The Killers, Ronald Reagan played Jack Browning, a wealthy criminal planning a big heist. (It was the only time he ever played the part of a villain during his acting career.)

In this role, he had to give an insolent young Angie Dickinson what she had coming when she defied him in front of his men.

Afterwards though, he said that it was easily the most distasteful thing he'd done in Hollywood. He really wasn't that sort of guy, even in pretend-land.

But at least in the movie, he got his in the end, courtesy of mortally-wounded hit-man Lee Marvin. And so did she.

Two other favorites of mine, Norman Fell and Claude Akins, also starred in this movie adaptation of a Hemmingway story.


  1. Suppressed revolver, lol. Love to have that Fairlane Marvin was driving.

  2. The movie was based on a short story of the same name. "Based" is putting it kindly, because the short story ends with the intended victim just sitting there, waiting for the killers to come and kill him.
    The old movies are full of suppressed revolvers. Revolvers are easier to mount a fake suppressor on, and most people didn't (and still don't) know the difference anyway.

    1. Yeah, this movie actually starts with the Cassavetes character, Johnny North, letting Marvin and his partner kill him. Then, as Marvin wonders why, Claude Akins relates the story.

    2. Thanks. It's been a million years since I read the story. It was so long ago that it was on papyrus and kept in a clay jar. I didn't remember the details.
      It's been almost as long since I saw the movie and I remember nothing of it. You picked some good scenes.

  3. What Old 1811 said... :-)

  4. I LOVES me some character actors! And the 50s-60s are replete with them.


  5. I've never seen that one. I'll have to look for it.

  6. Off topic - but something fun to make for the dogs on the next hot day. hugs from Brigid from her dog blog.