Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Paperwork.

As I mentioned earlier I had an important project for work that I had to finish last week. To say that it consumed my life for three weeks would be fair.

Here's my helper, Belle, keeping me company while I strove to finish it.
"I can't read, but I can do like dad does. 'Oh, I hate this stuff. Make it end, make it end!'"

If a circus had come through town these last few weeks, I'd have taken the dogs and run away to join it.


  1. Belle would seem to be your most devoted helper. Here, she does her part, and the only compensation that she wants is dinner, water, a pat on the head and something to chew on...and a fence to dig under.

  2. Hopefully she didn't get the papers out of order... sigh

  3. Some days are diamonds. Some days are stones.

  4. Hopefully the dog did not eat your homework. Or take it outside to set it free.

  5. Anonymous3:59 PM

    +1 Moogie P