Friday, October 30, 2015

Off to the Dog Park.

Since they've been good and been getting restless, I took the hounds out to the dog park so that they could enjoy the fall colors, too.

Here, Murphy shows off his table manners.

Belle says "Leaf me alone."

Murphy finds a tennis ball. His day is made.

Belle won't chase the ball, but she'll chase Murphy when he has the ball.

Having eluded Belle and retained his prize, Murphy jumps for joy, nearly knocking the camera from my hands.

"Best. Day. Ever."

"Stamp our paws, please. We want to come back again and again."


  1. They look so very happy in the paw stamp shack.

  2. AW..they are beautiful and must have been pretty happy

  3. Great pics, and looks like a good day to get out and let them romp!

  4. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I think they both had lots of fun

  5. So do you take a racket along to get more distance on the tennis balls?

    1. I do have a thrower for tennis balls, but if I bring it, then he tends to be a jerk and quits playing after a few throws.

    2. There's no feeling in the world like throwing a tennis ball covered in dog slobber.

  6. You must have an awesome camera....these photos are great. I love the one with Miss Belle in the leaves.