Friday, January 22, 2016

Bring it.

Last trip into town this morning. Got more gas for the generator and a few last minute items.
Dragged the generator out and tested it (with one hand). Ready to go.
Wood brought in for the basement wood stove and plenty of pellets ready for the pellet stove upstairs. Fresh batteries in the battery lights and all rechargeables are on the charges. First snowflakes are just starting to fall.

Lets do this thing.


  1. It's always nice to test the preps!

  2. You've got your solar-powered wifi router and satellite dish, right?

    Time to settle in with a good book and get some long-awaited reading done.

  3. Take care, Murph!

  4. Keep safe whish i could see some snow for a change all
    ive seen so far is rain bloody rain, mind you with the snow you will find it easyier to spot where Belle gets out.

  5. Take care & stay safe, my friend. You seem to be prepared, so now it's simply survival time.

  6. Right here with ya! Bruce had thought he could return on Sat. LOL.