Friday, June 24, 2016

Another museum of note finally visited

Sorry for the ack of posts. Work's had me pretty busy as of late.

But today I skipped work and went to see these:

And these:

And lot's more stuff at the National World War Two museum, just a fifteen-minute bike ride from my front door.

More pics tomorrow, I promise. I gotta go out now, but these should whet your appetites (Excpet for Displaced Louisiana Guy and his brother Matt, who were just there, and Old NFO, who has been everywhere, including in the background of several of the museum's period Pacific War shots. (I'm pretty sure that was him standing next to MacArthur on the deck of USS Missouri when the Japanese formally surrendered.)

Great museum, great time. Anyone else wants to come see it, drop me a line.


  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    On my bucket list

  2. Years and years ago the Philly Fire Department had a halftrack for brush fire fighting, I remember seeing it parked out in front of a Northeast area fire station and it was painted up in fire engine red.

    Wonder where it ended up.

  3. Interesting, those bumper numbers on the"Tank" looking thing. Marked 1A1A HQ11. Obviously from 1st Bn, 1at Armor, but the HQ11 makes me wonder if they had a Scout platoon? Interesting.