Thursday, July 07, 2016

Shaking my head today...

A woman running for the most powerful job in the world just walked away laughing after the FBI admitted that she committed acts that would have sent anyone else to prison AND LIED ABOUT IT, but people all over the country are upset because here in Louisiana a convicted violent felon and pedophile who was carrying an illegal gun and threatening people with it got shot while fighting the police?

WTF is WRONG with some of you people?

And if you think that Hillary Clinton's escaping charges means that she's innocent and worthy of the Presidency, then you must also think that Casey Anthony would make a great babysitter for your kids since she was acquitted of her crime, too, right?


  1. We're toast, as a Republic!


  2. Dude! Casey Anthony... that's the best comparison I've seen yet!

  3. The FBI has already sent people who did like but less to prison.

    My question is how much does an FBI director cost. We know that the liberals who are good with this are bought by anything that makes their butts and tummies feel good.

  4. Did anyone really think she would be punished? I think it was all a big side-show to give the general public the idea (slim as it may be) that Hillary would be punished for anything. Of course not. It was a pipe dream and we were being played. Bill and Hill are probably laughing right about now. The fix was in. Her supporters don't care. IMO she's a criminal. Let's hope the Karma train comes her way. Bill is too slick but Hillary will get caught eventually God help us if she is elected. Damn.

  5. So yesterday I'm listening to the reasoning as to why she wasn't charged by the FBI, and I'm hearing that it was because she just wasn't smart enough to understand about markings on what is the FBI saying? That Hillary is a dumb blond?!?! That's the defense? Seriously??
    And we the people are supposed to want someone who can't understand email to be our president?!?!?
    I'm not buying it for one hot NY second!!
    Someone is getting the wool pulled over their eyes, and I really doubt it is me! That's all I'm saying.

  6. What a damn mess. I guess the pres will get his way and have an open race war before the end of his term.

  7. Anonymous1:18 PM

    +1 Guffaw