Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Tanks Alot!

I found this beauty at a VFW hall in Eunice, Louisiana today.
It's an older M-60, and it's in great shape. And it looks stunning with Old Glory behind it.
Looks good from the front, too. And has most all of it's little bits and pieces...even it's running lights. And none are busted out, which is rare for an unguarded public display tank. (My bet is that the usual hooligans do break or steal stuff, and the VFW guys repair or replace.)
If it wasn't being so well cared for, I'd have considered hooking it to my tow bar and taking it home. My and my new gator friend could go cruising the Lower 9th Ward with it.
But the Eunice VFW has made this one the centerpiece of a very nice memorial to local vets, so it's probably better off right where it is.

Thanks, Vets!


  1. Tanks for the memories. I started in the M60A1, later got the M60A3, and finished in the M1A1. I liked the M60A3 best. It was a helluva tank.

  2. Tank you for posting that.