Monday, August 22, 2016

K-9 Olympic games

Every day, variations of the same.

1. Murphy has a toy. Belle never plays with toys, but if Murphy has one, she'll grab it and run away, trying to get him to chase her. sometimes he does, sometimes not, but she never gives it back either way. She's a bitch.

2. Belle will be standing there, minding her own business, and Murphy will walk up and put his chin on the back of her neck. This is a dominance thing and it sends Belle right over the edge every time. It always leads to two Shepherds up on their hind legs, growling and barking and trying to knock each other down. But no one ever gets bit and he never stops doing it to her in response to her messing with him. (See #1 above)

A minute later, they will be lying happily next to each other.

Every day I get this circus act in my living room...or my kitchen...or my office.

And to be honest, it never ceases to amuse me. They're big furry kids who will never grow up.


  1. Mine do this weird growl-hop combo, where they play at establishing who is in charge. They do it every day... loudly.

  2. Hey Murphy;

    Glad you are doing ok, I asked Old NFO if you were affected by the rain and flooding because you haven't posted. I was checking the news for a refugee with 2 German shepherds raising cain with the core democrat voter block but didn't see anything. so that was a good thing

  3. We've something similar in miniature, with the chi-hooa-hooas and the cats.
    It's playing, fighting, cleaning each other, sniffing, or napping. Then repeat.
    (I left out the eating and pooping)

    Good to hear you are okay.


  4. Growing up is overrated anyway.

  5. Isn't love grand?

  6. Sooo... You're saying the put the 'fun' in dys'fun'ctional... LOL

  7. Just like brother and sister...
    Miss Belle is demonstrating doggie boundaries with Murphy.

  8. Glad to see the dogs without floaties... hope all is well down there.