Thursday, August 25, 2016

Still here.

Sorry for the absence of postings. Things have been busy here of late. But I can report that we've had no flooding here. No, that mess fell on the poor folks an hour or so west of here. a 500-year flood that left 40,000 people homeless, and the media basically ignored it because--hey, there's no Republican to blame.

Now had there been a Republican Governor or President in place, the flooding is all America would have heard about these past two weeks. Everything bad would have been attributed to them. But hey--we can't criticize Obama, right? Not even when the Ass-Monkey-in-Chief refused to come off his golf game to visit the area. Remember how Bush got bashed for not running right to New Orleans after Katrina? He was on vacation too, but he cut it short and flew over, and then THAT wasn't good enough and the liberals attacked him for not caring enough to land.

Of course those same liberals now laud Obama for staying away, saying that he did it so as not to interfere with relief operations "like Bush did". (He didn't, but you can't spell "liberal" without "LI and E".)

Of course the media needs victims, too. They need pathetic crybabies to whine about how nobody (read: "No Republican") has helped them yet or given them a pail of cash and a new house. New Orleans was full of those after Katrina and the media loved them. In contrast, the people in our flooded area now are generally cut from a different cloth; they're just taking care of business, helping each other out and getting back to normal the best way they can. And they're doing it without whining or looking for a handout.

This guy is not in Baton Rouge:
Nor are these mopes:
They were in New Orleans ten years ago, and the word saw them. Celine Dion said that they should be allowed to "touch those things for a while" because they were so poor.

Well they did have some of their kind in Baton Rouge too, but they weren't pitied as they stole. They were arrested and jailed.

Full disclosure: I support shooting looters on sight. But I'm from a different era than today's namby-pamby "make excuses for them" crowd that runs things.

No, the sun shines here in New Orleans. Tourists wander around and eccentric local women walk their little dogs in strollers.

Life goes on here. This isn't Baton Rouge. The only storm damage here--ironically--is my house and a few of my neighbors' places courtesy of that tornado a few weeks back. But even my roof will be replaced shortly. Long before the neglected, ignored people of Baton Rouge and the Atchafalaya area ever get back to normal.

Sucks for them that there was no George Bush to blame, otherwise there'd have been relief concerts and celebrities galore helping make things better. But there's just Obama and John Bel Edwards at the top now, so nothing to see here. Move along.


  1. There ain't no '500' year flood. They built their houses ON A FLOOD PLAIN, and yep, got flooded out. As more people look for cheap land they end up buying cheap land.. on flood plains.

    It's a no brainier. Ever New Orleans is built on a flood plain! Hence it got flooded.

  2. I'm from Kansas and have watched tornado and flood relief efforts on several occasions. Those folks are lucky FEMA and the rest of the ABC groups didn't get that involved. Locals do it best and the Feds screw it up every time. There are places in Kansas that still haven't recovered from the interference after 10 years.

    Does it need more exposure? You bet! Do those folks need help? Yes, they do! What they don't need is a bunch of a$$holes from Washington telling them how to do it. They already know what needs to be done and in what order.

    And Paul, the entire state of Louisiana is a flood plain.

  3. Grrr... Exactly right... Folks helping folks without regard for ethnicity doesn't fit the agenda, so ignore it...

  4. Good to hear you're OK, Murph!

  5. Anonymous4:09 AM

    People helping people what a novel idea. Snark
    This is the way of the real world but not for the you owe me crowd.

  6. No, no. I was firmly told by a couple residents of the 'Dale respinding to a Facebook post that it isn't true about the media savaging Bush. Of course, I just went out and with a simple google search turned up a bunch of newspaper stuff proving my point. But I didn't even bother - The One must be protected.