Friday, August 26, 2016

Swamp Day

Went out for an airboat ride today.

Four hours back in the bayous, taking a look around.

Some of the canals had people fishing. Others were completely choked with plants.
But these airboats...they can go pretty much anywhere.
And there were gators.
Saw quite a few of the reptiles today, but most moved off too fast for me to get good pics of them.

This guy below was the exception. He didn't move for a long time.
But when he did go, he moved like lightning. Damn those things can move fast.

Pretty good day. Fun and interesting. I'm definitely not in Appalachia any more...or downtown Washington, DC.


  1. DAY-UM!!

    I've always wanted to go for a ride in one of those things.

    Did he let you drive it??

  2. Something else I need to do someday.

  3. I bet that was a fun ride. Did it feel like you were flying as you skimmed over all that water ad vegetation?

  4. You may not have been in Appalachia anymore, but you were light years closer to there than DC! Your WV neighbors would read that and say Cool! Denizens of DC would be turning their noses up and going EWWWW!

  5. They're also known as 'murder logs'... It's a log, poke, poke, see, it's just a lo.... AHHHHHHH! :-)