Saturday, October 15, 2016

Escape to America

I do love New Orleans--I really do. But sometimes I just have to take a break and escape back to real America for a few hours.

Time to go shoot things.

I started out with some more trap shooting...and decided that I need much more practice, so this is going to be a regular part of my range trips from now on.

Then it was rifle time.

I broke out a Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant that I acquired a few years ago but haven't done much with.
Apparently it still loves me though, because the first round fired rang the 8" steel gong at 100 yards, and 36 of the next 39 rounds fired did the same. (And the three misses were entirely my fault.) Nothing makes for a nice day like lying on your shooting mat, establishing natural point of aim, and just working over a piece of steel a football field's length away. This rifle was originally built in Russia in 1896, but the Finns acquired it and rebuilt it in 1941 to it's present state--a shooting work of art. This rifle has the chops for a foreign rifle match at the CMP Games or use in the coming civil war that Hillary Clinton can be expected to kick off after she and her media lapdogs steal this coming election.

But enough about that.

It was a great day out. Getting back out to America is always nice.


  1. That's close to a perfect day.

  2. A day at the range is ALWAYS good for one's soul! :-)

  3. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Gunpowdery threapy is the best thing for anyone

  4. Hey Murphy;

    Yes recoil therapy is a good thing and shooting old battle rifles is good for the shooting soul.

  5. I need to get some range time. Been too busy all year on the Iowa and then banging away on the Supra.....

  6. When it comes to shooting, we are never Finnish...


  7. Free coffee and beignets at Cafe Dumond if you bring a gun cart. Extras for the dogs, too. Trust me.

  8. I have a near twin of your Mosin. Also 1896, and Finned. On mine they counterbored the original barrel, and my finger joints are all the way up both sides of the stock.Gotta love it, Made for a Czar, taken by the commies, taken from the commies, then used to kill commies. My kind of gun.

  9. my brother used to say,'what's the difference between alabama and korea?'.
    answer; 'from alabama you can walk to america.'

    [fort rucker]