Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hanging with the Krewe of Boo

Last night, the Carnival Krewe of Boo paraded through the French Quarter.

If you haven't seen a real carnival parade, I'm sad for you.

This one had marchers and numerous two-story floats from which the participants threw stuff into the crowd--beads, candy, cops, t-shirts, etc.

Ammunition would have been nice Why don't they throw boxes of .22lr or something? Just wait until I get to be in charge of a Krewe.

Anyway, I got a few pics to turn out.

Back in the staging area, the parade got ready.

Marchers stepping off.

Some of the larger floats
Lot of time and money went into those floats. It was pretty cool indeed and a good taste of Mardi Gras to come.

And yes, I caught lots of beads, a cup and a t-shirt, and only spilled my drink once. (Sorry to the kid in the stroller that I spilled it on...I gave her some beads so it was good.)


  1. That looks like so much fun! I envy you just a bit, living down there where you can be right in the mix with all of that.

  2. They threw COPS? (I see you later corrected it to cups!)
    If it weren't for the crime, liberal politics and humidity (and my lack of funds) I'd be there buying you a drink!
    Sounds like great stuff...


  3. Through your blog, I am reliving why Tulane was a shitty choice for grad school. (I lasted one semester.)

    1. Yeah, I did a summer semester of law school at Tulane too. Not the best grades for some reason.

  4. I had a girlfriend that went to Mardi Gras every year. She was a permanent member of one of the Krewes, and she taught me a lot about the things that go on down there....

  5. A lot of time, effort and money in those rather nice floats!

  6. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Amazing floats